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comments of some blog´s

this are some blog´s, I visit and leave a comment about the something homework and his blog´s:


Hello everybody!
My name is Marienela Castro, welcome to my blog; here you Hill find a little biography about me and various homework (compositions and conversations) to talk about food; health problems and solutions, cities and it attraction; invitation to musical and restaurants; and others.

This my Biography!!!

Hi, my name’s Marienela but everybody calls me Mary. I’m from Maracaibo originally. Tm 21 years old and I study graphic design at URBE. I live in Maracaibo in seventy second street.

I love music, dancing, surfing the net, talking on the phone with my boyfriend, pizza, hamburger, chocolate, my family, my dog, candy and paint.

I hate violence, listening to rock, injustice, clean and eggplant.

My dream is to travel around the world, I want to graduate from design school and be a good professional, Id love to work in an important company and buy a house, get married and start a family.

My opinion about English I think English is necessary, I’m not very good but I think is very important.

He is a classmate !!!

My friend name is Marcos, He’s from Maracaibo, He’s Student from URBE, and He’s 28 years old. He lives in Milagro Norte.

He likes the bagpipe and fruits.

He doesn’t like Vallenato, reggeton and liver

His dream is to belong of parliament

He thinks English is necessary, He likes English so-so

Unit 9: What does he look like?

This unit consist in describe people according to the appearance (height, age, looks and hair); the style; identifying people according to the ubication in a place and modifiers with participles and prepositions

People describing

Adrian Van Balen Peña
He’s in his fifteen. He’s quite good looking. He’s pretty tall and he has short brown hair. He’s wearing a green and gray cap, a yellow and blue shirt, and black jeans. He’s standing between Vanessa Hernandez and Guillermo Beraza.

martes, 17 de abril de 2007

Unit 11: It’s a very exciting city!

This unit consist in describing a city according to its attractions, cultures, famous place, the people using the appropriate adjectives; giving suggestions about the place you should visit when you travel to this city.

My favorite city

My favorite city of Venezuela is Maracaibo, It’s in Zulia state, the place is very exciting you shouldn’t miss the Rafael Urdaneta Bridge, the Chiquinquira basilic, the Carabobo street and the Chinita monument.
The city is very big, but it’s not too safe, however it’s really cheap.
Some places are pretty dirty however the nightlife is very interesting you can go dancing at the discotheque and you can go shopping at the Sambil.
The weather in the city is very hot almost every month except April and May.
I love live in Maracaibo

Unit 12: It really works!

Unit 12 was about common health complain, health problems; what did you do about your health problems the containers and medicines to use and how to ask for medical prescription.


Milagros: hi Alejandro. How are you?
Alejandro: mmm, not so good. I thing I have a terrible cold.
Milagros: that’s too bad! You better go to see a doctor!
Alejandro: I know I have an appointment at 4 o’clock with my friend Marianela. She is a great doctor.

Part 2

Alejandro: hi Marienela!
Marianela: oh, hi Alejandro! What the matter? you look so bad !!
Alejandro: I have a terrible cold!!! Aaaaaachuuuu !!!!!!
Marianela: oh boy!!… I see. Well, you’ll get better with this; take two tylenol pills every 8 hours for two days. You’ll get much better.
Oh... and don’t forget to take some rest... and drink lots of water...
Alejandro: oh. thanks Marienela ... gee ... I really fell very bad...
Marianela: don’t worry!! just buy the pills as soon as you leave and go home.
If you still fell bad just call me again...
Alejandro: oh. Well I will. Thanks again...

At the drugstore

Carlos: hi, may I help you?
Alejandro: yes, I would have tylenol and some apple juice, please
Carlos: here. Tylenol and apple juice... that it’ll be 12, 25 $
Alejandro: ok. There you go.... 12, 25$ ... Thank you...